Thursday, March 3, 2011

Random photos

This post is random because the other pictures I tried sending from my iphone didn't send so this is all I've got. One day I will buy a real camera and not depend on my phone as the only way of capturing my children's childhood.

I had to capture the matching yellowness.

They love to play together, but sometimes they fight over toys.

I love my Ash-man.

One cold and cloudy day, Zac and I bundled them up and went for a walk. They loved their warm snow hats. I think it was in the 50's, but hey, that's cold for us desert dwellers.

A couple weeks ago our good friends, the Cleavinger's, came to town. We had so much fun just hanging out and reminiscing about old times and how desperately we miss them.

Here is Sophie all dolled up for church a few weeks ago. I think she likes wearing pink.

Not a great shot of anyone, but here we are at Zac's Pop's 90th birthday party. Sad we didn't even get any with him. He is a great person with a lot of wisdom. I hope Asher takes after him.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Finally, an update!

We had a wonderful Christmas. We got to spend time with both Zac's family in Utah and mine in California. It was a lot of fun, especially since we got to celebrate it with our two little ones. Sophie and Asher are almost 7 months old. I can not believe it. They are growing way too fast. They are sleeping through the night, eating solids, pooping solids, teething, drooling, crying, cooing, and giggling. I am loving this stage. I wish I could just freeze time for a while. I finally found some time to update some photos. Both the twins and Zac are sleeping and I am enjoying the sound of silence. Here are just a few pictures of the kiddos.

A quick photo shoot right after church today.
Getting a decent family photo is not that easy with these two.
Zac finally got the home safety device he's been dying to have- a shotgun-yikes!
My dad trying to be cool like my hubby in his new golf hat. I know it looks like a hunting hat huh?
Here are all the grandkids together for a live nativity on Christmas Eve. Can you find Sophie and Asher?

Sophie sporting her Christmassy attire.
Asher on his first plane ride heading to Utah. They were both so good. They slept the entire time. We got lucky.

Sophie entertaining herself under the table while I take a quick shower.

Sophie-bug and mom.

So other than the twins, Zac and I are doing well. He's done interviewing for residency programs and now we are just waiting until February 14th to find out where we are moving in June. We are already getting sad about having to leave all our great friends behind in Arizona. We hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas and we wish you a Happy New Year!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Kiddos

Babies are getting hungry so this will be quick.
Asher just chillin.

Sophie's first bath. She looks like she just came out of the womb.

I should not advertise that I prop their bottles, but sometimes you just have to. They are such great sports. I know every baby book out there totally outlaws this. Please no one turn me in.

We try to get as much of this as we can. Some days are better than others, that's for sure.

They will be six weeks this Sunday. Where has the time gone? They are growing way too fast. They are so fun. Some mornings I wake up and still can't believe their mine-all mine, and Zac's too I guess. We are in love with our babies and loving parenthood so far!!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Twinners

Here is my mother-in-law tandem feeding them. She is better at it than I am. She'll have to teach me her ways. We are sure going to miss her when she leaves on Monday. I've been able to get some sleep with her here which has been so nice. I am starting to feel a little more normal everyday. I've never appreciated sleep so much. They are growing fast. They gained 7oz. in the last 6 days. They now weigh 5lbs. 8oz. They look so much bigger to me already. They are such good babies. They rarely cry unless they are hungry or need a diaper change. I can't get enough of them. Every morning I wake up and can't believe they are all mine. It still feels to good to be true. I love being a mom!!

I love it when they are sleeping at the same time. Asher always leans in towards her. He likes to cuddle.

Zac is a very proud father. He takes such good care of them. He's far exceeded my expectations. I have a new found love for him. Sophie and Asher are so lucky to have him as a father.

They are still so small, it's hard to hold them at the same time. I am afraid they'll slip through my arms.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

They are here!!

Sophie Shae and Asher Steven born on June 6th. They both weighed 5lbs. 3oz. and 18 inches long. They are the most precious babies in the world. Our lives will never be the same. We are completely head over heels for them, a bit sleep deprived, but happy as can be.
A little father-son bonding time.
Asher in his football sleeper.
Sophie with a big yawn.
Sophie just thinking about her life.
They love each other so much. They are best buds.
My mom came to town and helped us out for a whole week. Thank you mom!! She saved us from our first week of parenthood. She is the best!

Here they are playing footsie.
Asher is becoming very independent. He's figured out how to feed himself. More pictures to come.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Shower Festivities!!

So my dear friends threw an amazing shower for me last Saturday. It was so much fun. It was kind of like my wedding reception where all the attention was on me. The decorations were out of control and I have Cadi, my party planner friend, and her "committee" to thank for that. It was so sweet to walk in and be surprised by all the hard work and planning that went into this shower. I want to thank everyone who came and for your generosity. The coordinating outfits I received are amazing. I am so excited to dress my babies everyday. I am already thinking about how they will look in all these adorable clothes. I am getting anxious for them to get here so I can finally meet them. However, they are probably a lot easier to take care of in my belly than they will be once they're born. The reality that we are having twins is finally starting to set in as my stomach rapidly expands and I feel two babies kicking and twirling around. It's sort of freaking me out to think they'll be here before I know it. I feel so unprepared and inadequate to be a mother. Are these normal feelings for first time moms? Anyways, here are some pictures my sister diligently took through out the shower. I am sorry I am literally in everyone of them. Brace yourself for a lot of me.

Here are 4 of my sisters and my mom. My sisters originally weren't going to be able to make it for the shower since they all live in California. I was so sad about it and then on Friday night they surprised me by showing up to dinner. I was freaking out because I was not expecting them at all. It meant so much to me that they would drive 5 plus hours just because I wanted them to be there so bad. I will never forget it girls. I love you all so much.

Here are the two hosts of the party. Cindi, on my right was in charge of the food. She made awesome BBQ pulled pork and decadent Martha Stewart Chocolate cupcakes with green and pink frosting. Cadi was the decorator and master mind of the pink, green and black theme. As always she outdid herself. Thank you both for making me feel so loved.

Here are from left to right Amanda, Kristi, and Criscell. I call them my school friends, even though none of us are actually in school, all of our husbands are. I rarely get to see them anymore and it meant so much to me that they came.

Here is a shot of the crowd.

Here we are playing a super fun candy game. I won three candy bars, two of which I'd never had before, but are now new favorites, Zero bars and FastBreaks. So delightful!

Here is just one of the cute things the decorating committee put together. They also made a really cute diaper cake.

My sister Carli and I taking a picture with the new giraffe noise maker she gave me.

Here I am at 28.5 weeks. I know I look full term. The other day some random lady in the store asked me if I was past due. Who does that? I just have to keep telling myself there are two healthy babies in there. I am so glad they are growing well and are still measuring ahead of schedule. We're hoping to get to about 36-38 weeks which will make me due sometime between the middle and the end of June. I'm hoping before the 4th of July because I have like an entire red, white and blue wardrobe for each baby.

Well there's a glimpse of the shower for those who couldn't make it. We missed you Liz, but so excited for you. I guess having a baby of your own is an ok excuse to not be there. Thanks again to everyone for your excitement and support for us!!